Rolfing® Movement Integration

Personalized Approach to Movement

Rolfing® Movement Integration is a Movement educational component added to the hands-on bodywork that a structural Rolfing session is providing.

It is a dynamic activity of keeping our balance in the field of gravity, by establishing new understanding and a growing level of awareness in experiencing the body, it’s habitual patterns, and surroundings. Habitual repetitive patterns of movement lead to chronic tension, pains, and stress in the system and can also lead to habit in perception.

In Rolfing Movement, we put our minds in examining activities from daily life and work, as well as more elaborated movements from different movement practices such as Yoga, Dance, Martial Arts, Climbing, Sports, and the like.

Working with breathing, verticality, standing, sitting, and walking guided by language and often touch to re-establish and promote a more efficient, economic, and balanced movement before it even occurs.

To change the way we move is to change the way we feed the system and the sensory information that creates the habit. We learn to look at Gravity through our senses and re-shape the way we perceive the world.

Rolfing Movement elements are usually integrated in individual Structural Rolfing sessions.

These sessions can be taken as an additional session or better, as most commonly done as a number of sessions inlaid between one’s Rolfing Structural Integration sessions. These sessions enhance proprioception and mobility and are powerful in realizing movement strategies within oneself.

Every Movement session is tailored to one’s personal practice, adjusted to their Rolfing Structural Integration position and personal needs.

Rolfing Movement Education sessions can be taken individually or in a group setting, indoors or outside in the Park, wherever the resonance between in-sphere and the world around can awaken new possibilities for oneself, the avid observer.


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