Scars are fibrous areas in our body that invest in the fascial net resulting from an injury to our tissues. In scars, the collagen matrix is denser, less random, and more cross-linked then in normal tissue and generally of inferior functionality.

Working with Scars engages unique techniques that were developed by Rolfer Sharon Wheeler, based on similar principles to those Dr. Ida Rolf used in developing Rolfing® Structural Integration.

ScarWork is a non-invasive approach that facilitates better tissue quality over bodily landscapes that were injured

ScarWork Nir Tiomkin Scar work Narbenarbeit Berlin Rolfing Praxis

Landmarks on the body surfaces such as bumps, gaps, knots, holes, and ridges then become smoother. It can reduce pain and numbness, promotes healing of scar, adhesions in the underlying tissue, and can usually resolve lingering chronic nerve dysfunction, also in old scars with nerve function that have stayed impaired for many years.

ScarWork is done with a light touch progressing from the surface toward the inside, designed to liberate valuable held material and free the three-dimensional fascial net.

By reducing density, promoting consistency, and normal tissue layers, both the structure and the functionality of the tissue can be improved.

The work often results in whole-body integration.


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